Music Videos

Musicians use video for promotion towards the public and towards promotors. Here are some examples from Youtube.

After the production of the documentary In Groove We Trust, the owner of Zip records, Arthur Herman, had this music video made from the song Voodoo Basics from the album Mastervolt by Defunkt, starring Joe Bowie en Emma Lamadji. Robin produced and directed it. Onno van der Wal was the cameraman and Hilarius Hofstede, who also wrote the lyrics, was the art director.

Hermine Deurloo is a virtuoso player of the chromatic harmonica. She plays mainly jazz and she is famous in Holland for her tune for the Unox commercials. We made a range of videos for her with different groups. The nice thing about jazz is that it never sounds the same twice. This can also make it more complicated. This is a subtile duet with double bass player Tony Overwater.

Fantasticus is a group of fantastic musicians. We made several video’s for them while they were recording. This one is a beautiful trio sonate by Buxtehude.

This video promotes the Cello Sonata by Gerard van Brücken Fock, a forgotten composer. Eric Matser rediscovered the pieces and published the music. The sonata is performed by Larissa Groeneveld en Frank van de Laar.