An extraordinary voyage through the 20st century. Robin van Erven Dorens tracks the traces of his gandfathers dream automobile. In 1938 the successful and flamboyant society architect Jan van Erven Dorens, bought a Lagonda LG6 Drophead Coupé, the fanciest car on the road in those days.

Van Erven Dorens was able to keep the car out of the hands of the nazis during the German occupation of the Netherlands in 40-45, but after the war the Lagonda was confiscated by the staff of Prince Bernhard. He saw the car back in the newspapers when General Montgomery made a triumphal tour through Amsterdam. But after after that Van Erven Dorens never saw his Lagonda again and on numerous occasions he told his grandchildren the story of his car that was stolen by Prince Bernhard.

Robin researched this story thoroughly and found many fascinating aspects to make a film. When the script was ready it won the Stimuleringsfonds prize, an amount big enough to produce the film. Then Robin made his film which connects the big history of the Netherlands in the 20th century to the personal history of his family. Lagonda was produced by Pieter van Huystee, presented at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and broadcast by NPO, and repeated frequently on different Dutch TV Channels.

At the palace for research, Robin asked the prince wether he had stolen his grandfathers car.